Contaminated soil can cause havoc on the environment as well as humans and animals alike.

Contaminates can seep into the water supply system, affect our food supply chain and quality of air.

Dealing with contaminated soil at your construction site can also create legal liabilities, cleanup costs, and delay your project.

That’s why there are rules and regulations and cleanup procedures that require your attention.

Whether you’re a landowner or a construction developer, it’s your responsibility to test the soil you are dealing with and assess if soil cleanup or land remediation is required.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • The implications of contaminated soil
  • How to determine the level of contamination
  • Contaminated soil clean up options
  • Best practices to preserve the environment and stay compliant

Questions addressed include:

  • How to determine the best soil clean up method for each site?
  • What happens if the land owner does not have money to clean up?
  • Canada Environmental law changes?
  • Transporting soil across the US/Canada border.

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