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Dealing With Contaminated Soil on Construction Sites

August 18, 2021 @ 12:00 pm 1:00 pm PST +0

Contaminated soil can cause havoc on the environment as well as humans and animals alike.

Contaminates can seep into the water supply system, affect our food supply chain and quality of air.

Dealing with contaminated soil at your construction site can also create legal liabilities, cleanup costs, and delay your project.

That’s why there are rules and regulations and cleanup procedures that require your attention.

Whether you’re a landowner or a construction developer, it’s your responsibility to test the soil you are dealing with and assess if soil cleanup or land remediation is required.

Join us at noon on Wednesday, August 18, for a live interactive webinar where you’ll learn:

  • Type of contaminates and how they impact land use
  • Who is liable for the cleanup costs and possible legal liability fees
  • What to do if you find contaminates on your site or property



Fill Connect Inc. & The Earth Exchange Forum

Fill Connect is the Dirt Exchnage Platform for the Construction & Landscaping Industry. Our mission is to help the construction industry save time and money while reducing its impact on the environment. Our vision is to improve sustainability in the construction industry by reducing trucking distances and encouraging the reuse of excavated and dredged material.

The Earth Exchange Forum is on a mission is to enhance communication, facilitate collaboration, and encourage the adoption of a circular economy for the earthmoving community. Our goal is to bring awareness to current practices that generate unnecessary waste and diminishing resources and share solutions that can accelerate material reuse.



Sonia Shoukry, B. Comm., MBA

Sonia is an entrepreneurial and driven chief executive with domestic and international experience in strategic planning, business development, corporate finance, and global operations. She has served over 30 years in a multi-industry consortium in different continents and industries, including soil remediation, thermal oxidizer treatment, international banking and companies, and diplomatic corps. Her company focuses today on creating a sustainable bio-fuel by converting any waste wood fiber from forestry operations (biomass) into Bio-Coal serving power plants to phase out the coal, Biochar, and Terra Preta to improve the fertility of the soil.


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